Wendy Wells-Bailey
All the beauty of life is made up of Light and Shadow



       Wendy Wells-Bailey is one of a group of artists who graduated from the London Art Academy who were influenced by the Fauvists, Cubists, and Futurists of the early 20th century.  These artists, Matisse, Derain, Braque, Duffy, among others created exciting and vibrantly colored works of art. 

Wendy has been further influenced by Art Deco artists such as Tamara de Lempicka, and the Arts & Crafts Movement architects Mary Jane Colter and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Wendy attended the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for a short time. 

The reworking of their style and color combined with her love for Meso-American and Southwest American art and culture has become her signature style.

Wendy began to publish her works as limited edition serigraphs and later took advantage of the newer method of giclée printing, quickly releasing thirty six pieces of her work 

Wendy’s original artworks and art prints can be found in galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and in collector’s homes and offices throughout the world. 

Her works have been featured on local and PBS television, and on the walls of the Senate offices in Washington D.C., Marriott Hotels, Mayo Clinic, Sky Harbor International Airport and many corporate offices.  

She has also been a regular monthly guest on Phoenix Chanel 3 “Good Morning Arizona” show. 

Wendy is the original signature artist for “The Trail of Painted Ponies” and has two ponies currently in collectable circulation “Sky Rider” and Phoenix airport exclusive “Phoenix Pony”.  “The Trail of Painted Ponies” is the number one collectable in the United States today.   Her work is also part of the Smithsonian permanent collection of American Women Artists along with Georgia O’Keefe and Emily Carr.

Wendy is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Although Wendy has lived in various parts of the world, she had chosen to make her forever home in the beautiful southern region of British Columbia’s Okanagan. Wendy finds her home a vital part of her inspiration and well being.