Wendy Wells-Bailey
All the beauty of life is made up of Light and Shadow


(posted on 19 May 2024)

In February I decided to leave the OAG gallery and explore new ideas and thoughts I felt I needed the freedom to be able to try several new ways to be artistic.

Last year I started painting free-standing paintings one heavy gauge metal. When I lived in Arizona many artists create all different type of art for the outside and of course the climate encourages these ideas.

Here in the Okanagan our climate also conducive as long as we use suitable materials. 

I am painting several new pieces. The one below is next to one of my paintings.

So as the year progresses I will add some of my pieces to my Gallery.



(posted on 30 Nov 2023)

Today I feeling that I want to try something new.

I like to create my art in a new way.

I am going to explore over the next month some challenging ideas I have.

Art is so important and it has to come from inside you.

I will be back with some of my thoughts later.

In the meantime I hope everyone will have a great Christmas.

(posted on 29 Nov 2023)


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Like many artists I fell in love with drawing as a child.

I was fortunate to attend the London Academy of Art,

and one of the things I learned there was the beauty of colour.

Thru’ my lifetime of painting I have learned to express

my feeling on many subjects.

But, my greatest joy is the peace I experience each time

I pick up a brush.

(posted on 30 Oct 2023)

I have been fascinated by Mayan history since I was a kid.

When I saw the Aztec calendar stone for the first time I

new one day I would have to paint it.

To have had the privilege of being with the team who were

working on what the actual colours would have been was

another wonderful experience.

I hope you get a chance to see my painting it is one third

the size.

(posted on 9 Sep 2023)


                                  Tinhorn Creek Show

     “ Desert Eagle Fine Art” is bringing a new show to Tinhorn Creek Winery

               Call “The Observant Eye” with three South Okanagan Artists.

               Carmen Tome, Nancy Gray and Wendy Wells-Bailey.

               From September 15th to September 20th 2023.

               Come and enjoy their beautiful and expressive art.



(posted on 9 Sep 2023)

  Introduction to my blog

I have decided to start a blog to write the story for each of my paintings.
When I am working in the gallery or be at an art show so many people want to know 
about a painting and I feel that when you know the story or the reason why I painted it,
it will be easier to enjoy.
Many of the paintings were created because of stories told to me by the Elders.
And I really feel honoured that I can paint their stories to share with you.
Other times, I will be out walking and enjoying the beautiful area where I live, 
and I spot a beautiful flower the sunlight seems to have Illuminated. 
 I generally do not have any idea what the flower’s name is, only that
It is so beautiful and I want to paint it and share it with you.
I am a painter and not really a writer, but I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.


(posted on 3 Sep 2023)



       Acrylic on canvas     24" x 18"


The golden eagle wraps herself against the reflection of the sun,

and appears as a protector or maybe a messenger.

As I have stated before I have a great love, respect and admiration

for Eagles.

Maybe it is because every time I see an eagle I feel the proudness,

strength and yet I get a sense of their wise quietness.

This painting reflects my feeling of all these emotions.

(posted on 1 Sep 2023)

        New Dawn 

"New Dawn"

Acrylic on canvas 20" x 24"

Some mornings in the summer I like to get up early and watch
the sun rise. Drinking a coffee I was watching the play of light  
on a flower and it kept changing the colour of the petals.
I was fascinated and decided this would make a great painting.
Of course it had to be called ‘New Dawn’.


(posted on 30 Aug 2023)


"When Raven returned the Sun"


"When Raven Returns the Sun"

Acrylic on canvas 40" round

                 This painting represents a North American native story.

                 One day Ogre was angry at the natives and stole the Sun.

                 The natives tried everything to get the Ogre to return the Sun.

                 White raven came to the natives and said I'll get it back for you.

                 He flew up in the sky and started to tease the Ogre but to no avail.

                 Finally, the Ogre got mad at raven and dropped the Sun.

                 Raven caught it and flew back to earth and return the Sun,

                 But, flying so long with the Sun in his mouth his feathers

                turned shiny black, and this is how ravens’ feathers are now black.


(posted on 30 Aug 2023)


        "By the Shores of Vaseux Lake     

          Acrylic on canvas 24” x36”

This is one of my favourite views I have when driving home from Penticton. I created this painting from a spot where Vaseux lake suddenly appears as you come around a bend in the road.

Each time I catch my breath in awe. No matter what the weather is like, it is so powerful and yet is so serene.




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