Wendy Wells-Bailey
All the beauty of life is made up of Light and Shadow


(posted on 17 Mar 2023)

  Introduction to my blog

I have decided to start a blog to write the story for each of my paintings.
When I am working in the gallery or be at an art show so many people want to know 
about a painting and I feel that when you know the story or the reason why I painted it,
it will be easier to enjoy.
Many of the paintings were created because of stories told to me by the Elders.
And I really feel honoured that I can paint their stories to share with you.
Other times, I will be out walking and enjoying the beautiful area where I live, 
and I spot a beautiful flower the sunlight seems to have Illuminated. 
 I generally do not have any idea what the flower’s name is, only that
It is so beautiful and I want to paint it and share it with you.
I am a painter and not really a writer, but I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.


(posted on 16 Mar 2023)



       Acrylic on canvas     24" x 18"


The golden eagle wraps herself against the reflection of the sun,

and appears as a protector or maybe a messenger.

As I have stated before I have a great love, respect and admiration

for Eagles.

Maybe it is because every time I see an eagle I feel the proudness,

strength and yet I get a sense of their wise quietness.

This painting reflects my feeling of all these emotions.

(posted on 15 Mar 2023)

                  Medicine Woman     

            Acrylic on Canvas 48” x36”


 I had the privilege of meeting many different artists, many were native who invited us to meet their families and with whom we participated within different shows in several states. They taught me so much, but I also learned I had a lot more to learn.

In the painting Medicine Woman is represented in a darker colour because of her knowledge.

I am the split face in a lighter colour with the belief that when I have experienced and learnt a lot more, I will become whole and be wiser.    

(posted on 15 Mar 2023)


        "By the Shores of Vaseux Lake     

          Acrylic on canvas 24” x36”

This is one of my favourite views I have when driving home from Penticton. I created this painting from a spot where Vaseux lake suddenly appears as you come around a bend in the road.

Each time I catch my breath in awe. No matter what the weather is like, it is so powerful and yet is so serene.




(posted on 12 Mar 2023)


     "Eagle Birth"

Acrylic on canvas 36" round


I have a special association with Eagles, I love to see them in flight or

majestically sitting on the top branch of a tree. I have completed

many paintings that include eagles. The idea for this painting was to

honour the birth of the Eagle. In this painting Eagle is still in the egg.

And when the time is ready for her birth, I have arranged her feathers

around her egg ready for her to emerge with glory.



(posted on 9 Mar 2023)


             "HARMONY"       "Harmony"


         each are  mixed media on metal 62” x 14”



These painting is very important to me. During my life I have been aware of how people seem to judge each other. Different skin colour. appearances, education, and many other reasons.

Over the years this seems to have become a worse situation for many people.

Maybe it hasn’t become worse, it could be I am more aware because of our communication systems.

John Lennon said it the best. (Just some of the lines)

Imagine all the people

Living for today.

Living life in peace..

And the world will be as one

These paintings are free standing mixed media on metal on the back I have painted two ladies of different colour and on the front the same two ladies, but showing them from the inside and using Hopi designs. Showing how we are all the same




(posted on 7 Mar 2023)

Desert Glory

 ""Desert Glory"
Acrylic on canvas 11” x 14”

Living in the desert is a wonderful experience. You become aware of everything around you. When it rains suddenly the desert bursts forth with colour. The desert becomes a carpet of flowers of all colours.
All my life I have taken flowers for granted. The desert teaches you never to take anything for granted. You learn to look at everything differently. So, when a flower opens I look at the many beautiful colours it has, and I always say ‘thank you’ for allowing me to enjoy this moment with you.

(posted on 5 Mar 2023)

        New Dawn 

"New Dawn"

Acrylic on canvas 20" x 24"

Some mornings in the summer I like to get up early and watch
the sun rise. Drinking a coffee I was watching the play of light  
on a flower and it kept changing the colour of the petals.
I was fascinated and decided this would make a great painting.
Of course it had to be called ‘New Dawn’.


(posted on 5 Mar 2023)

   Always Together  & Soul Mates 


"Soul Mates"                            "Always Together"  

    Acrylic on canvas 36” x 12”

  The other day I was thinking about the wonderful friends and family that I am lucky to have around me.  That started me thinking about the Soul, which made me wonder how I would paint the feeling of my contentment.  Almost immediately, a beautiful butterfly appeared in my thoughts.  She slowly fluttered toward me and sat on my shoulder, and then she stood up on her tippy toes and whispered into my ear “paint me”.  Of course, I thought!  The butterfly has always been the symbol of the Soul.  I will paint her as the symbol of my love and happiness.
A couple of days later I was in our garden enjoying the quiet when I noticed two beautiful butterflies together. As I watched the butterflies gracious flying becomes like a dance being performed, together not quite touching but appearing to be doing a dance of love. I imagine these two being together for ever. Of course, this had to be painted.


(posted on 4 Mar 2023)




Acrylic  36” x 18” 

When I was living in the south I was privileged to listen to different
Elders telling stories. Many stories are about the ‘sacred katsinas’
that live in the San Fransico Peaks.
These katsinas are never physically seen but their presence can be felt.
When you need help travelling you can ask the ‘sacred katsinas’ to
come and guide you and the stories how they have helped are wonderful.
So I painted these katsinas in an abstract design to give a feeling rather than solid figures.


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