Wendy Wells-Bailey
All the beauty of life is made up of Light and Shadow

"When Raven Returns the Sun"

"When Raven Returns the Sun" - acrylic on wrapped canvas - 40" round

"When Raven Returns the Sun"

When Raven returned the Sun

This painting represents North American story

One day Ogre was angry at the natives and stole the Sun

The natives tried everything to get the Ogre to return the Sun

White raven came to the natives and said I'll get it back for you

He flew up in the Sky and started to tease the Ogre, but to no avail

Finally, the Ogre really got mad at raven and dropped the Sun

Raven caught it and flew back to earth and returned the Sun

But, flying so long with the Sun in his mouth, his feathers turned shiny black

And this is how ravens' feathers are now black