Wendy Wells-Bailey
All the beauty of life is made up of Light and Shadow


(posted on 23 Aug 2023)


             "HARMONY"       "Harmony"


         each are  mixed media on metal 62” x 14”



These painting is very important to me. During my life I have been aware of how people seem to judge each other. Different skin colour. appearances, education, and many other reasons.

Over the years this seems to have become a worse situation for many people.

Maybe it hasn’t become worse, it could be I am more aware because of our communication systems.

John Lennon said it the best. (Just some of the lines)

Imagine all the people

Living for today.

Living life in peace..

And the world will be as one

These paintings are free standing mixed media on metal on the back I have painted two ladies of different colour and on the front the same two ladies, but showing them from the inside and using Hopi designs. Showing how we are all the same